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Art & Home Hardware Installation 


Framed & unframed art




Small scale sculptures 




TVs (Large TVs are mount only)


Towel Racks/ Bars


Inquire for unique items.


Additional Services +

Curatorial layout & design 

Interior styling 

Art placement counseling

Handling of art from shipping crates & unpacking

Decorative painting & gilding treatments

Cleaning & Restoration (contingent on situation)

Decorative Painting & Architectural Treatments


Murals (large & small scale) 


Decorative painting & faux treatments


Architectural Gilding 

Partner company: Alex Spinney Studio (Inquire). 

        Gilding: Ceilings, Moldings, Ornaments, and Exteriors. 



Serving the Tri-State area. (Boston, Philadelphia, & Miami)

A travel fee may be required for travel of an hour or more outside of NYC.

We will consider work in Boston, Philadelphia, & Miami.  

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